Dear Fellow Theresians,

While all international attention is given to Tacloban and the towns around it, the STAA BOARD has chosen to support the town of Culion in Palawan which has been badly damaged. As of 9:30am, Nov 13, 2013, reports indicated that there were 3,694 families affected, with 15, 183 individuals.1,969 houses were partially damaged while 1,074 totally damaged. Culion was a former leper colony and had hopes of becoming more progressive until "Yolanda' decided to ravage it.  

We invite you to join our crusade for this poor, little town that is hardly getting any attention from central government.  You may send your donations to the STAA office at the STC QC compound or deposit to Metrobank with the following details:

account name:
STAA with Account No, 636-3-63602498-9.
Write your name & class on deposit slip.
Fax to 7401810 or email to

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity

Tet Elomina
Mother Redempta Fund

Welcome Theresians to, our website!

Our beloved Alma Mater, St. Theresa’s College Manila, has closed  31 years ago on January 13, 1977.  The physical structure may be gone but the college halls of St. Theresa’s College Manila at San  Marcelino  Street  remains  vividly  in our minds and in our hearts.

As  we  launch the  STAA Manila Website, we, your  STAA Board  of Directors , invite you  to our “ Virtual Home “ . With  the  website we can reach out  to each other  across continents and across time. We can laugh together, comfort each other, and help one another. 

We can reminisce  the  past  while  working for  the present and the future. We can  actively communicate  with one another on  plans  for  activities,  events  and updates on  anyone and everyone in the STAA. As we move on to the future, let us rekindle the fire of  friendship and  make that  DIFFERENCE in  our LIVES  and the LIVES of OTHERS.

Cecille Macam Perlas